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    Most frequent questions and answers
    No, I don’t: I choose only natural light.
    Yes you can, but you need to add Copyright @JMDV PHOTO and the link every time it’s posted online (website, facebook, instagram…).
Or tag me on social networks.
    Yes, I do. Please visit the shop online for the available photos. My photos are in limited edition, in 21×29,7 cm or 28×41 cm or 35×51 cm sizes.


    It depends on each situation and individual, you are pleased to contact me here contact us for requiring the permission.
    Please ask every time for permission of using my photos in advance.
    All the images on this site are copyright at JMDV PHOTO.
    For all other syndication related to enquiries, please send an email to our team and will get back to you as soon as possible.
    I currently use Nikon D750 and Nikon Z6 cameras.
    In my bag I always have the following lenses: Nikon 20mm (f1.8), Sigma 35mm (f.1.4), Nikon 85mm (f1.8), Tamron G2 70-200mm (f2.8).