As well as a combat sport, Sumo is a real form of art. The Sumos wrestlers are called RIKISHI and the combat area is called DOHYO. The Rikishi are organized in a general ranking called BANZUKE according to the principles of ability and strength and not in weight categories.The particular bun which they trim their hair is called OI-CHO-MAGE. A distinctive feature of Sumo wrestlers is the wearing of a particular thong called MAWASHI. In certain gyms it is possible to access and attend training as long as you do not disturb!

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  • FineART
  • Limited edition
  • Size: 21 × 29,7 cm
  • This artwork is sold unframed
  • Signed and numbered on the back
This photograph is printed on high  quality paper and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by JMDV  

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SMALL (21 x 29,7), MEDIUM (28 x 41)